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Our Mission

The mission of the NKM4YOU Team to support the organizations in nuclear and other industries through the development of their KM (knowledge management) competencies.


We are Energy Consultants who believe that nuclear energy has a relevant role in the energy mix of most countries of the world.


We help you to assure the 3xright: the right knowledge at the right time in the right place!

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

Your partner in the development of knowledge management practices. 


Yes, you are in the right place:

  - in case you would like to know more about the (nuclear) knowledge management,

  - or you need help to start implementation,

  - or you have difficulties to continue,

  - or you need help to find out how to manage the organization knowledge according  

    to the ISO 9001:2015,

  - or you need consultant’s help in the competency areas listed here

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Nuclear Knowledge Management for You 

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Who we are:


NKM4YOU is a network of independent consultants lead by Pasztory Consulting e.U. established in 2015. 


NKM4YOU is a leading Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) network helping the Energy Industry deliver business results through knowledge asset management. We improve organizational value by designing strategies and programs targeting critical knowledge effectives in your company.  We develop a knowledge-based business structure and manage direction of business goals to integrate knowledge as a foundation of the organization.

NKM4YOU answer the needs of the (nuclear) organizations in development of knowledge management systems/activities, workforce planning issues.

NKM4YOU also a right partner for you if you have Human Resource Development (HRD) difficulties or to fulfill the new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 on Managing Organizational Knowledge.


We do businesses all over the world to support the nuclear and non-nuclear organizations.

Our subject matter experts come from the following countries: Canada, Czech, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, UK, USA. The network is continuously growing.


Please visit the page Our competencies for more details. 

Working experiences:

  • 1984-2008 Paks NPP, Hungary

    • Maintenance Engineer, Technical Support Section Head, Electrical Operation Director, Refurbishment Projects Section Head, Strategic Controlling Department Head, Strategic and Organization Development Section Head

  • 2008-2015 IAEA, Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

    • Group Leader (KMAV/EM/WS on NKM – Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, USA.)

    • Acting Section Head (2012)

  • 2015- Present Pasztory Consulting e.U. Private Consultant (KM, HRD, ISO9001:2015)

    • IAEA WS on NKM:, Iran; IAEA Consultancies on KM and Safety KM: March, April, June, November 2016, China NKM WS: May, August, November 2016, IAEA WS on MS: Ukraine (June/Sept 2016), Russia: Safety Culture Conference and WANO TSM (Oct 2016), IAEA 3rd Conference on NKM 2016.



  • 1978-84 Kharkov Polytechnic Institute

    • MSc Electrical Engineering

  • 1987-89 Technical University of Budapest

    • Engineer's Degree, Nuclear Technology

  • 1999-2001 University of Technology and Economics, Budapest

    • MBA, Management

Who we are:

Zoltan Pasztory MBA, MSc

Here is the (current) list of our competencies

(by alphabetical order):

  • Configuration Management

  • Damaged Fuel and Nuclear Waste Management

  • Emergency preparedness and severe accident handling

  • Human Resource Management

  • IAEA Safety Standards

  • Information Management/IT Solutions

  • IT security

  • Knowledge Loss Risk Assessment

  • Knowledge Management

  • Leadership/Policy/Strategy formulation

  • Management Systems integration/Process improvement/Business process reengineering/ improvement

  • Nuclear regulations

  • Plant Equipment Ageing Management

  • Plant Information Models

  • Plant Organization and Administration

  • Plant Process Management

  • Quality Management – ISO 9001:2015

  • Risk Management

  • Safety Culture/Organizational Culture

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Value Engineering

  • Workforce Planning




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If you google the word knowledge management you will find more than 100.000 results... 


Our team understanding is based on the four legs:

  • people

  • process

  • technology and the

  • surrounding culture.


NKM4YOU Team fully support and agreed the IAEA definition of KM:


“KM is a coordinated, integrated, systemic practices and activities which enable and promote effective knowledge processes  and ensure adequate knowledge assets as needed to achieve organizational goals.”*


KM is ensuring the right knowledge at the right time in the right place.


NKM - Nuclear knowledge management is knowledge management in nuclear domain.

* Guide on NKM, IAEA NE Series No. NG-G-6.1

What is our understanding

of KM and NKM?

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Our partners

References of Pasztory Consulting e.U.*


For more information please scroll down or use the menu

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

For more information please scroll down or use the menu

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